Amish Country Tours

The information on this page is based upon a publication written by Faye Henson for the Chamber of Commerce.


The Amish came to Lawrence County in January of 1944 from Mississippi. The first three families to come here were Dan Yader, Joe Yoder, and Joseph Gingerich. They were looking for another place to settle when they heard that the First National Bank in Lawrenceburg had some land to sell. The land was located west of Three Oaks known as the "Old Convent Place" and Emmitt Richardson helped them in securing the land.

Andy Yoder came to Lawrenceburg in a railroad car loaded with horses, farm machinery and household furnishings. This caused quite a stir with local people. Emmanuel Gingerich and his family followed in the fall of 1944 and made arrangements to stay in a cabin at Ollie E Wright's place.

Miss Maucle Gowen directed them to "Old Convent Place" when they got off the bus and told them they sure had come to a poor land. Enos Gingerich, Emmanuel's son recalls that he was feeling low after seeing the place and hearing her remarks.


The Amish believe the greatest wisdom is to despise the world and love God. Any form of worldliness is sinful such as dress, education, office holding to pursue honors or high dignity. To provide adequate sustenance for the family is necessary but luxuries and lustful appetites are harmful to the soul. Three great great values are cherished by the Amish:

  • Close knit family and community
  • A devout religion
  • A love of the land

They do not believe in taking oaths or bearing arms, but follow the peaceful examples of Christ in all things. They have been persecuted for these beliefs and are willing to be persecuted again.


For more on the Amish's way of life, see the Amish Lifestyle page.

Privacy Request

There are approximately 100 families in the Lawrence County area with an average of 5 to 7 members per household and they are excellent neighbors. They prefer to associate with their own people and ask only to be left alone to worship and live their beliefs.

Please, if you visit in their community, do not take pictures. They do not believe in this and in so doing you are infringing on their religious beliefs. A good explanation can be found at the Amish America website.

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