Children's Programs

Children's programs are available for each age group, simulating the flight experience for small children - including weather checks, safety, and more.

Aviation Explorer Group 

The Explorer Post 263 is a branch of the Boy Scouts. It is open to both male and female high school-age students. The meetings teach the basics of aerodynamics and flight; they also help with career planning. Students go to air shows and on field trips. Pilots and other aviation groups participate in this endeavor.

Career Fair

Giving 8th grade students an opportunity to ask experts in aviation about scholarships and careers available in this exciting and growing field. Students talk with pilots - commercial, private, and military - plus air traffic controllers, airport managers, and more flight professionals. Many displays are available.

School Education

Working with area school teachers to illustrate how aviation uses math, science, English/reading, and other skills - while introducing children to the basics of aerodynamics and flight.

Young Eagles 

A program established by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) to introduce children ages 8 - 17 (including handicapped) to the world of aviation. Youngsters learn about flight procedures, take a flight with an experienced pilot, ask questions about aviation, and learn about scholarships and careers in aviation. Each student receives a certificate, and students' names go into the world's largest log book.

Additional Information

We are always adding new activities for the community. Please call Faye Green at 931-762-5133.

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