Housing, Food & Prescriptions

Tennessee Housing Development

The Tennessee Housing Development Agency's (THDA) goal is to provide housing assistance to people in need, by offering a variety of programs. One program includes mortgages for first-time homebuyers, at below conventional market interest rates. The Agency also serves as the master servicer for all active mortgages funded by THDA. In addition to helping homebuyers, THDA administers the federal Section 8 rental assistance programs, including both tenant- and project-based.

Habitat for Humanity House with Framing

THDA also administers grant programs, awarded on a competitive annual cycle, for rehabilitation and new construction of owner-occupied units and small rental projects. THDA is also involved in the development and rehabilitation of multifamily rental housing for low-income families by administering the federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, which is a competitive process, and by setting aside a portion of Bond Authority to be allocated to local authorities for specific multifamily developments.

Additional Information

For more information, visit the THDA Website.

God's Storehouse

God's Storehouse located at 119 N Columbia Ave. This charitable organization accepts and provides donations of money, food, clothing, and furniture for those in need. God's Storehouse also needs volunteers to work in the organization. To help or to receive help, contact the Director, at 931-762-2766.

Prescription Services

If you or a family member do not have insurance and need assistance with prescriptions, these websites may be helpful: