City Administration

  1. Dick McKinley

    City Administrator
    Phone: 931-762-4459 x101

  1. Joyce DiCapo

    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 931-762-4459 x107

  1. Edie Wilburn

    Business and Tax Specialist
    Phone: 931-7629-4459 x108

  1. Linda Adair

    Finance Director
    Phone: 931-762-4459 x104

  1. Shelton Barnett

    EMA Director, CEMP, AEMT, COM-T

  1. Chris Bryant

    Codes Enforcement Officer
    Phone: 931-762-4459 x133

  1. Chaz Morrow

    Director of Technology

  1. Jada Wilburn

    Payroll and Purchasing Manager

  1. Tina Sowell

    Human Resources/ADA Coordinator