Submittal Procedure

  1. Email a PDF copy to Chris Bryant plus submit three copies of Preliminary Plans, or Minor Final Subdivision Plans, or Site Plans by noon, twenty-one days prior to the Planning Commission Meeting (the second Thursday of each month) to:

    Planning and Development Department
    Lawrenceburg Municipal Complex
    25 Public Square
    Lawrenceburg, TN 38464

  2. Preliminary Plans are dispersed to utilities, reviewing engineer, State Planner, and others, as needed for comments.
  3. All Subdivision Plat fees and Site Plan Review fees must be paid before your project will be placed on the Planning Commission’s Agenda.
  4. Developer submits three copies of Construction Plans and Plat by noon, twenty-four days prior to the next regular meeting of the Planning Commission (second Thursday of each month). Developers pay construction plan fees. Submittals not received by noon will not be accepted for review. Planning Committee Calendar
  5. Three copies of Final Plat must be submitted within one year from approval of Preliminary Plat. Developers pay Final Plat fees.
  6. Submittals that are significantly incomplete may not be accepted at the time of submittal, and/or may not be considered by the Planning Commission.
  7. Approval or disapproval of Final Plat by Planning Commission.
  8. Improvements must be constructed or bonds posted before final plat is recorded.
  9. Building Official will collect recording fees  and record documents at Register of Lawrence County.
  10.  A check list is included in a package that may be picked up at the Planning and Development Office to assist in noting appropriate items before submitting your plans. The Storm Water Management Ordinance is also a part of this package.


Subdivision Plat Fees

Document Fee
Preliminary Plat $50.00 plus $5.00 per Lot up to 30 Lots
30+ Lots $200 plus $2.00 per Lot
Construction Plans $150.00 plus $10.00 per Lot
Final Plat $75.00 plus $2.00 per Lot

Site Plan Review

Plans Fee
Residential Site Plans $120.00 plus $2.00 per resident
Commercial Site Plans $75.00 plus $.04 per square foot for first 10,000
square feet and $.02 per square foot for 
remaining square footage
Industrial Site Plans $75.00 plus $.04 per square foot for first 10,000
square feet and $.02 per square foot for
remaining square footage

Please note that no additional fee charged for first submittal.

Fifty Percent of original submittal fee charged for each subsequent re-submittal.