Emergency Management

The City of Lawrenceburg plays a major role in disaster preparedness through its support of the Lawrenceburg/Lawrence County Emergency Management Agency (EMA).

EMA Director

Shelton Barnett: 931-242-3531 or email

Emergency Locations

The City Administration Complex is now the designated as the Emergency Operations Center, with recent upgrades in emergency power, radio communications, phone and computer systems to support activities during disasters and emergencies.

Emergency Management

Emergency Management is defined to include the phases of Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery. The Emergency Management Agency serves in a coordination role with all local, state, and federal agencies to accomplish these phases.


Lawrence County has a great deal of experience in dealing with natural disasters. There were nine Presidentially-declared events from 1991 to 2003, including four floods, three tornadoes, and two ice storms. Many other lesser events have also occurred.

Recovery Efforts

Box Culvert Under Construction
Bulldozer and Cement Mixer Working on Construction Site.
Two Skidloaders and a Man Travelling Through Construction Site

Lawrenceburg began the installation of 2,100 feet of box culvert in December, 2009, the final phase of the city's comprehensive flood control project that started construction in 2001.

Lawrenceburg flood control project workers use a front end loader to pour a concrete wall in the new stormwater channel between Second and Third Street.    

Lawrenceburg flood control project workers prepare the final grade before setting another section of box culverts.

Besides the recovery from these events, Lawrenceburg undertook mitigation work including the construction of a NOAA weather station in 1996 and the Lawrenceburg Flood Control Project, a large-scale storm-water management project designed to prevent a re-occurrence of flooding that ravaged the town in 1998.