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Remember to change filters in central heating units, keep furniture away from wall heaters, and make sure smoke detectors have fresh batteries.

Other fire safety reminders:

  • fireElectricity: when replacing light bulbs, don't exceed wattage recommendations.
  • Fire extinguishers: keep one on each floor of your house, and make sure they're charged.
  • Smoke detectors: place one on every level of your home, and replace batteries regularly.
  • Halogen floor lamps: keep fabrics away from these hot-burning bulbs.
  • Kitchen safety: never open an oven door if you see flames, and turn panhandles inward.
  • Smoking safety: never smoke in bed; keep matches and lighters away from children.
  • Space heaters: never leave them on while sleeping, and keep away from flammables.
  • Dryer vents: clean lint from your vent and hose regularly.
  • Wood/coal stoves: check for creosote build-up, and don't overload the stove.
  • Furnace: have your heating system inspected annually.
  • Fireplace: keep the fireplace and chimney clean, and use a screen to catch embers.
  • Escape plan: plan two ways out of each room; practice evacuation with your family.


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