Commission Meeting Minutes
City Of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
November 15, 2001

A motion was made by Commissioner Lindsey to approve the minutes of the November 1, 2001 meeting; with a second by Commissioner Pulley, the motion passed.

Mayor Lay announced the City Administration Building would be closed November 22 and 23 in observance of Thanksgiving.

Mayor Lay also expressed his gratitude to the Veterans of America and praised the participants in the largest Veteranís Day Parade in Lawrenceburg.

Mayor Lay asked Joe Baxter to give a report on our flood control project.

Mr. Baxter informed the Commission that there have been some delays, but we are basically on schedule with the milestones laid out at the public announcement in August.

There will be another public meeting, with more specific details about the schedule of acquisitions and construction. We have completed the required income survey of the project area to qualify for the funding. We are working on the actual numbers for the costs so we can prepare a project budget. This involves the final acquisition list that includes 38 properties, 114,240 square feet of easements on residential property, and 22,050 square feet of easements on commercial property. We should authorize the appraisals to start around December 15. As funds are available, we can begin acquisitions as the appraisals are completed. Those with property acquisitions in the Jackson Street area will have approximately six months to relocate after their closing.

We anticipate a conceptual engineering design by December 31. The cost is approximately $5 Million Dollars with $2.8 Million refunded to us. Two Million will be local money, and we need to prepare to do a healthy share of the work ourselves. The open ditch will be 60 feet wide with a 3 to 1 slope, so it can be mowed and maintained, and not create a hazard for residents.

Work will actually begin behind the Pyramid and go north from there.

Don Howell updated the Commission on his industrial recruitment efforts.

Mr. Howell, Mayor Lay and County Executive Hill went to New York this week to meet with a chemical products industry, and the 21st Century Council will be submitting a proposal to them. Mr. Howell is still working with a California Company and a toy products distribution company.

Attorney Alan Betz had 1 resolution to present for approval.

01-15-11 A Resolution to appoint John M. Beasley to the Lawrenceburg Babe Ruth Board, with his term ending October 15, 2003. Motion to approve was made by Commissioner Lindsey, with a second by Commissioner Pulley. Motion passed unanimously.

City Administrator Huseman informed the Commission on four subjects.

1. Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday usual Thursday garbage pick up will be done on Wednesday, with Friday pick up as usual. 2. Burn permits will no longer be issued until there is a change in weather conditions. 3. Crockett Theater roof project is almost complete, and the blocked up wooden doors in the rear are being removed with brick being installed to match the building. We are dressing up the alley. 4. We received one bid for our used 1993 garbage truck from the City of Loretto in the amount of $15,050.00.

With no further business to come before the meeting a motion was made by Commissioner Pulley to adjourn, with a second by Commissioner Goolsby.

Meeting adjourned.

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Acting City Recorder