Commission Meeting Minutes
City Of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
May 24, 2001

A motion was made by Commissioner Gowen to approve the minutes of the May 17 meeting, with a second by Commissioner Pulley the motion passed.

Mayor Lay announced the resignation of Secretary/Treasurer, Tom Head. Mr. Head resigned for health and personal reasons. He has been with the City of Lawrenceburg for two plus years and had done a good job for Lawrenceburg. He will be missed.

Mayor Lay also announced that the City of Lawrenceburg offices would be closed Monday, May 28 in observance of Memorial Day.

Commissioner Gowen announced that garbage pick-up would be as normal, although Monday is a holiday.

Commissioner Lindsey asked Police Chief Shay to present a letter sent to Lt. Clay Webster on behalf of our Domestic Violence Program, from Dawn Rubio. She indicated the National Center for State Courts intend to feature the Lawrenceburg Police Department domestic Violence Division in its report to the National Institute of Justice regarding the evaluation of the VAWA STOP Grant for the Violence Against Women Office in Washington D.C. Our program will be featured, along with 10 others as an example of the successful use of VAWA STOP Grant funds.

Attorney Betz presented four resolutions for consideration:

RESOLUTION(S) 01-24-5A - To approve the purchase of Toro Top dresser 2500 in the amount of $7,269.00 from Smith Turf & Irrigation Company. Motion to approve made by Commissioner Beard, with a second by Commissioner Lindsey. Motion passed.

01-24-5B - To approve purchase of six In-car Camera Systems and one Degausser, Bulk Eraser with foot switch in the amount of $24,573.00 for the Police Department from Kustom Signals, Inc, using Block Grant Funds. Commissioner Pulley made the motion, with a second by Commissioner Lindsey. Motion passed.

01-24-5C - To charge off bad debts in the Water, Sewer, Gas and Sanitation Departments for the month of March in the amount of $8,452.88. Motion to approve was made by Commissioner Lindsey, with a second by Commissioner Gowen. Motion passed.

01-24-5D - To approve Margaret Weathers as signature on City of Lawrenceburg accounts. Commissioner Pulley made the motion, with a second by Commissioner Lindsey. Motion passed. Mayor Lay asked Don Howell to address the Commission.

Mr. Howell informed the Commission and the Citizens of Lawrenceburg that his family has made a decision to move back to Colorado, to be near their two daughters.

Mr. Howell will remain in Lawrenceburg until August or September to continue working with the City of Lawrenceburg and the 21st Century Council on projects that are now underway. Things are looking good for Lawrenceburg and Lawrence County in industrial growth (nine potential projects), and efforts are being made to position the 21st Century Council financially to make it less dependent on tax money. Lawrence County is very fortunate and admired in many places on the way the local governments work together as a team for Industrial Recruitment.

Mr. Howell stated that Lawrence County and Lawrenceburg have been very good to him. He is grateful for his acceptance here and for the chance to provide services to us.

Mayor Lay thanked Mr. Howell, we appreciate you and glad to have you around for a while longer and wished him the best.

With no further business to come before the board a motion was made by Commissioner Gowen, with a second by Commissioner Pulley to adjourn. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

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