Commission Meeting Minutes
City Of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee
January 18, 2001

Minutes of the January 11, 2001 meeting were approved with a motion by Commissioner Gowen and a second by Commissioner Pulley. Motion passed

Mayor Lay expressed to the public that the Commission gives no credit or substance to rumors and publications that misstate facts. However, we feel it our duty to respond with facts and documentation. We had previously made arrangements for our Gas Representative with Woodward & Associates our gas advisors to be here next Thursday. Commissioner Pulley has some comments he would like to make at this time.

Commissioner Pulley echoed the Mayor's comments about rumors, etc. and continued to explain that since we were elected by the people, we will address the comments that this Commission breached a previous contract. The City of Lawrenceburg has used the same gas consultant for the past 7 years or so. January 1999 the City locked in a rate for one year. January 2000 the rates had to be looked at again. Our advisor indicated the rates were higher than normal and advised us not to lock in. In March the rates were running at a record high, Mr. Rob Ellis of Woodward Marketing, advised against locking in any rates at this time, and continue to go on a monthly basis. Natural gas rates continued to progress at a higher rate because of national economic circumstances. We, had no way of knowing that supply and demand was going to continue to run at record levels above historic prices.

This has become an unfortunate situation for the City of Lawrenceburg, as well as the whole nation. We are looking for ways to minimize the impact on our citizens. We had previously made changes in our Gas Department by canceling contracts with Tennessee Pipeline and East Tennessee Gas Pipeline for the transportation and storage of gas. We elected not to replace retired and retiring employees. This has resulted in a savings of $640,000.00 in the gas department where there had previously been losses. Mr. Rob Ellis of Woodward Marketing will be here next week to further explain the situation. Our meetings are open to the public and we invite them to question us on anything we do. We have a forum that allows our citizens to be placed on our agenda to express their views on any issues that this Commission considers. We encourage our citizens to become involved in their government through this venue.

Mayor Lay again expressed the concern over the gas prices and emphasized that the Commissioner's feel the effect in their gas bills also. However, we want to put aside rumors with hard facts.

Commissioner Lindsey complimented Commissioner Pulley on his explanation to the Public.

Attorney Betz had no business today.

Secretary Treasurer Tom Head informed the Commission that sales tax were up $1,000.00 over the same month last year, and property taxes are in above $30,000.00 over last year.

Mayor Lay told Commissioners he feel this computes as one year of city business and would like a report on the progress and down turns in their departments over the last year. Mayor Lay asked Commissioner Gowen and Commissioner Lindsey to report in two weeks.

With no further business to come before the meeting, a motion was made by Commissioner Beard to adjourn, with a second by Commissioner Gowen. Motion passed.

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